Daniel Frank Sedwick Treasure and World Coin Auction #12

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By Daniel Frank Sedwick - coin Week

With a pre-auction low estimate of over $1.5 million, this is our highest-value auction to date.

As you browse the 1884 lots, you will see trophy after trophy (MANY “finest knowns”) interspersed with solid material in gold and silver coins and ingots, plus all kinds of artifacts.

The catalog starts with a bang, featuring a collection of 24 Lima, Peru, 8 escudos among the 85 total gold cobs, most of them from shipwrecks and many in Mint State grade, with lots of rare dates (be sure to read our article enumerating all the dates and varieties known).

The World Gold Coins section after that features significant selections from Brazil, including an 1827 Pedro I 6400 reis in AU-55 grade (lot 114), plus an MS-63 dobrão (20,000 reis) of 1726-M (lot 102).

All of the Spanish colonies and Latin American republics are well represented, one highlight being a very rare Popayán, Colombia, 10 pesos of 1870 in AU condition (lot 160).

The highest value items, however, are in the Shipwreck Ingots and Shipwreck Artifacts sections: the former includes the largest gold bar (over 2.5kg) we have ever offered from the Atocha (1622) (lot 294), and the latter features several gold chains and an ornate gold vase from the 1715 Fleet (lot 1797) that we believe was meant for anointing the new Queen of Spain !

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