Search finds plane 100 feet down in lake muck


By Lisa Demer - Anchorage Daily News

If not for the adventurers who went looking for it, the old ghost plane would still be lost in the dark muck at the bottom of an isolated Alaska lake.

Nearly 16 years ago, a sightseeing pilot crashed his 1946 two-seater into the unnamed lake -- and lived.

But that's just the start of the tale.

This month a group of deep sea divers and pilots with a passion for finding lost wrecks descended on the lake to resurrect this one little plane.

It's not especially valuable or historic. No one was sure it would ever fly again. So why did 11 people, some of them not even Alaskans, spend time and muscle on a risky salvage operation ?

"For the adventure. For the fun of it. For the challenge," said Steve Lloyd, an Anchorage diver who helped organize the expedition.




Alaska expedition

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