Sea Scouts & Sea Cadets

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  • Canadian Cadet Organizations

    Welcome to the Cadet Program
  • Fort Lauderdale Sea Cadets

    The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corp's Team Spruance is the finest youth development program for boys and girls ages 10 - 17 available in South Florida
  • International Sea Cadet Association

    The importance of youth training cannot be stressed sufficiently. The Future of Nations and the World will depend on the sort of youth training which the boys and girls receive and the various countries encourage.
  • New Zealand Sea Scout Groups

    Many of the groups have their own websites with much more detail of the sea scouting programme
  • Point Mugu Sea Cadets

    Part of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps and the United States Naval League Cadets Corps at NAWS Pt. Mugu CA
  • Sea Cadet Corps

    The Sea Cadet Corps is the NZCF Navy
  • Sea Scouts, BSA

    This is the home page of Sea Scouts, BSA. This web site provides extensive program support of Sea Scout units worldwide, including Seascout-Net, a discussion group, a downloads area, and a listing of Sea Scout groups all over the world.
  • Tampa Bay Sea Cadets

    U.S. Naval Sea Cadets