Sailing Ships

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  • Amazing Grace Tall Ship

    A 83' topsail schooner based out of San Diego's Mission Bay.
  • Bayshore Discovery Project

    Home of the Schooner A. J. Meerwald - NJ's Tall Ship
  • Clipper Ships

    Clipper was first a generic name to describe a very fast sailing ship such as the Baltimore Clipper which was a rakish topsail schooner popular with pirates privateers and slave runners.
  • Dutch Tall Ships

    In September 2012 the bark ‘Europa’ departed from the Netherlands and sailed South to Antarctica
  • Queensland's Tall Ship

    South Passage is a 100 foot long, gaff rigged schooner. She was purpose built to give young people aged between age 14 to 17 the adventure of crewing a traditional sailing ship.
  • Sailing History

    In a present-day world one can barely find something more romantic than a sailing vessel. Of course, a trip by sea is in itself extremely romantic, a sailing vessel, however, is a crown of the most wonderful romantic dreams.
  • Sailing Ships

    Your resource for information about clipper sailing ships 1800s 1900s; clipper ships history, England ship sailings and voyages to Auckland New Zealand, sailing ships records, clipper ship pictures.
  • Star of India

    World's oldest active sailing ship.
  • Tall Ship Company

    A unique sailing company with magnificent ships
  • Tall Ships

    The Tall Ships Youth Trust is dedicated to the personal development of young people through the crewing of ocean going sail training vessels.
  • Tall Ships Adventure

    Experience the adventure of sailing a traditional tall ship brigantine open to all ages with programs in the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Ottawa River.
  • Tall Ships for Sale

    Tall Ships for sale with guided photo tours of the boats including Camper and Nicholson, Frigate, Brigantine, John Alden, Baltic Trader, Martin Heard, Pilot cutter, Gaffers and Luggers, gaff ketch, lugger, ketch, Silver Bain, Ebbtide, Fred Parker
  • Tall Ships Green Bay

    An international festival of sailing pageantry !
  • Three Mast Barque Artemis

    Named after the goddess of the hunt