Rigging & Sails

  • American Rope & Tar

    American Rope & Tar offers genuine Stockholm tar, the finest synthetic manila rope, tarred hemp marline, pine tar soap, Le Tonkinois varnish.
  • Bosun Supplies

    Bosun Supplies offers the experience, knowledge, and personal service you're looking for to equip your boat with the finest marine stainless steel hardware, rigging, and fittings you want at reasonable prices!
  • Elliott / Pattison Sailmakers Custom Sails

    Sails for World proven racing, cruising, and multihull sails. Quality designed, 100% American made sails representing an outstanding value.
  • Sail Design Software, Sail Analysis Software, BSG Développements

    BSG Développements, Sail design software, Sail vision software, production software, Evaluation for the sail industry, sail design software, sail pack
  • The Cordage Institute

    The Cordage Institute is an association of rope, twine, and related manufacturers, their suppliers, and affiliated industries.

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