• The UnMuseum - Sea Serpent of Gloucester

    They told me of a sea serpent, or snake, that lay quoiled up like a cable upon the rock at Cape Ann; a boat passing by with English on board, and two Indians, they would have shot the serpent, but the Indians dissuaded them, saying that if he were not kil
  • Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm

    According to legend, the Leviathan was a fire-breathing creature of such immense size that the sea boils when it swims on the surface. It ruthlessly and fearlessly rules over all the creatures of the sea. The Leviathan's skin is like a double coat of mail
  • cryptozoo-oscity

    Central and Southern China northwest Hubei province is said to be the home of China's wildman or bigfoot known as the Yeren.
  • Mediaeval Growth of the Dead Sea Legends.

    The history of myths, of their growth under the earlier phases of human thought and of their decline under modern thinking, is one of the most interesting and suggestive of human studies; but, since to treat it as a whole would require volumes, I shall se
  • Maori Legends

    New Zealand history. An overview covering the pre-historic, colonial and modern periods. Maori history and culture - legends and myths.
  • Salton Sea - Ghost Lake in the California Desert

    The Salton Sea in the Senoran Desert of California
  • Lake Monsters

    Photographs of Sea Serpents & Lake Monsters
  • Traping Selma, the Seljord Sea Serpent

    Norwegian expedition tries the controversial method of trapping a lake serpent.
  • The Beast of Loch Ness

    NOVA Online presents The Beast of Loch Ness
  • The Shadowlands Sea Serpent

    The vast majority of the earth's oceans and seas are unexplored. Is it really hard to believe that there are creatures that live so far down or in such remote areas, that they are rarely, if ever, seen by humans. The waters of this planet go mostly unexp
  • Globsters

    Mysterious, partially decomposed carcassas washed up on beaches are often thought to be the remains of sea serpents. John Moore, Mark Chorvinsky and Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker dissect the body of evidence.
  • The Great New England Sea Serpent

    The first reported sighting of a sea serpent in North American waters appears in John Josselyn's An Account of Two Voyages to New England, published in 1641.

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