Evelyn, Forgotten Gold Rush Steamboat: A Digital Preservation

The first-ever in situ digital survey of a major vessel using LIDAR technology was completed on a remote sub-arctic island in northern Canada. The Klondike Gold Rush era steamboat named Evelyn was abandoned and forgotten by the world for nearly a century.

In 5 days, the INA / EPICSCAN team consisting of project director John Pollack, INA Researcher Sam Koepnick, Doug Devine and Carlos Velazquez of Oregon's EPICSCAN, and Yukon-based Doug Davidge, was able to collect 160 million data points utilizing LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology to perform a survey that would have meant years of work using traditional archaeological and architectural techniques.

"Welcome to the mapping revolution... it is very exciting stuff." John Pollard, Archaeologist (INA)

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