The Archaeology of a 16th Century Shipwreck Part 1.4

An unidentified 16th century shipwreck was discovered on the Little Bahama Bank in 1991. Questions abounded. Was it one of Columbus ships? Was it carrying conquistadors? Or was it a lost Spanish treasure galleon? Through a cooperative effort involving archaeologists from the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum of Key West, Florida, the shipwreck salvage company St. Johns Expeditions, and the Government of the Bahamas, this remarkable time capsule has become the subject of an intensive research effort. With continuing detective work and problem solving, the story of this sunken mystery ship is emerging.
Archaeologist Corey Malcom, who has spearheaded the investigation into this shipwreck, narrates this overview of the research. This multi-part presentation tells the story of the site, from its discovery to the current theory of what ship this wreck might be.