Submarine Aircraft Carriers: the Future of Naval War 2/2

Fortunately for us, the WW2 Japanese realized too late the importance of logistics and movement chokepoints like the Panama Canal. Unfortunately, the Japanese Admirals morphed into succeeding American large aircraft carrier admirals and marine generals who didn't understand WW2 while it was happening to them and certainly didn't get a clue afterwards by building smaller and smaller numbers of bigger and bigger carriers that CANNOT EVEN GO THROUGH THE PANAMA CANAL. What dumbasses. Today's sensor covered battlefields demand SPEED to get to the scene of desired influence more than WW2 yet it was "the greatest Generation" Army strategists like General Marshall that understood the importance of saving DAYS of transit time by the canal which enabled our Navy to mass forces into either ocean as needed to smother first the German U-Boats then the IJN. While Army troops guarded the Panama canal from the coast, it was open to attack from the sea.

With FDR's jeep carriers and our long-range and short-range seaplanes and Gato class submarines scouring the Pacific ocean, the IJN surface fleet was swept from the sea which should have been a warning to our Navy to GET OFF THE SURFACE unless you are going to dominate it with HUNDREDS of ships and THOUSANDS of planes, not handfuls of big and expensive cash cows packed with Sailors and marines like sardines. Thus, the IJN developed the amazing I-400 class submarine aircraft carriers that could each carry Aichi Seran attack seaplanes and were preparing to launch an attack on the Panama canal at war's end. They didn't get to launch the attack and teach us a lesson in technohumility because the war ended first.

After the war, we captured the I-400s (but only 1 Seran seaplane) and could have learned from them but our selfish, large aircraft carrier racketeers sunk them instead--to cover up a BETTER IDEA lest it threaten their BS racket. We have been suffering with a bloated WW2 re-enactment navy/gyrene corps asking to be sunk as the threat from precision guided munitions increases by the thousands as our ships dwindle into handfuls. During the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, Russian submarines with nuclear torpedoes were a push-button away from incinerating the Navy/Mc carrier/amphib Iwo Jima re-enactment club assembled off-shore forever had President Kennedy not wisely got a back-channel agreement with the Soviet dictator to avoid WW3. Today, there is no place to hide on the surface of the ocean in slow 30 mph, thinly armored surface ships in small numbers and its high time we develop our own submarine aircraft carriers as LTG Gavin explained in his 1958 book, "War and Peace in the Space Age"

..or there will be no future but disaster for our Navy/Mc.