Pt 2 of 5 US Sub Rescue of Australian and British POW's "The Crossing"

This video, The Crossing, explains the details involving the Sept 15, 1944 rescue of over 150 Australian and British POW's in the South China Sea, by US Submarines after the sinking of a couple of Japanese POW "HellShips".
Unfortunately, these ships had not been properly marked with any Red Cross flags, and had been sunk by the American Submarines 3 days before. The American Submarine Sailors were totally unaware of the precious cargo that they had sunk 3 days previous.

This Video has two of the rescued POW's reuniting with some of the Sub Sailors that pulled them from the ocean that day.

The dramatic video from the rescue was shot by the Communication Officer of the USS Sealion II, Lt (jg) (ss) Joe (Shorty) Bates.

Special thanks to Joes son Bob Bates

Unfortunately, out of a total of 2,200 men on the two un-marked tansports that were sunk, 1,400 Perished.
Most of the survivors were unfortunately picked up by the Japanese and remained prisoners/slaves on the Mainland untill being rescued by the American Occupation Forces at Karasaki POW camp, in Sept 1945.

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This Mighty US Warship is now a US Maritime Museum in San Francisco teaching future Bubbleheads the perils, dangers, excitement and satisfaction of being a US Sub Sailor.