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     (Part III - After May 2008)

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Lost at sea. Military loses contact with hypersonic plane - Aug. 2011

Rolex watch for sale from Lieutenant Don Walsh - Dec. 2010

Le mystère du trésor corse enfin percé - Oct. 2010

Rare Roman wine jars discovered in shipwreck - July 2010

Exceptional 18th century carved ship priced £35,000 - April 2010

Aviation and ocean liner posters travel to New York - Feb. 2010

Aircraft Lost at Sea - Dec. 2009

Explorer's work sails past estimate to sell for $650k - Dec. 2009

£48k for the battleship Horatio's log-book - Nov. 2009

Could medals finally be given to the SS Mendi dead ? - Oct. 2009

Omega unveils its new 'deep sea' watch - Oct. 2009

$1m in coins and treasures to be sold online - Oct. 2009

100,000 gold coins to be saved from shipwreck - Sept. 2009

19th century whale's tooth brings $67k - Sept. 2009

$35-40k diving watch - Sept. 2009

Mysterious shipwreck discovered in Lake Ontario - Dec. 2008

Phantoms of the deep - Oct. 2008

Mystery of lost US nuclear bomb - Nov. 2008

Sulfur in marine archaeological shipwrecks - May 2008

Un trésor sous-marin à Arles - May 2008