Starting files for a serious salvor..! The Light

The loss of the Light in the North Sea (19th century)

She was lost while on a voyage to Edimburgh with 16.000 gold sovereign, silver coins and an incredible cargo of antiques destined for an auction. Some attempts of salvage, but results unknown until nowadays...


  • John Chamberlin
    • 1. John Chamberlin On 29/10/2023
    Detailed researcher has documented 6 1/2 tons of russian gold los during wwii.

    looking for parters intested in the savageof ship.
    • treasures
      • treasuresOn 29/10/2023
      Good luck with your search !
  • treasures
    I have a complete and documented file on the wreck story for who is interested... There is a cost, of course, "only for serious salvors"...
  • Aaron gryspeert
    • 3. Aaron gryspeert On 23/03/2011
    I'm a proffesional diver with years off experience . i'm verry interested in this ship . I have access to lost off data and in a databank so if you can help me thx
  • David Ashfield
    • 4. David Ashfield On 19/04/2010
    I would be interested in further research material etc with a view to recover .

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