Starting files for a serious salvor..! Gold in the river

From the Oregon Spectator (19th century)

4 men returning from California were drowned in the Columbia river while attempting to land from their brig. They had with them a large amount of specie and gold dust.


  • frank cavanaugh
    • 1. frank cavanaugh On 16/07/2014
    Have boat,looking for good diver and boat person to search for wrecks. No pay unless we hit it big.Split gas.
  • roger m hart
    • 2. roger m hart On 29/03/2014
    hi everybody i live in new bedford mass biggest whaling port and fisherman port in the countery im sure all you saemen know that any way im wondering if there are any jobs out there i would love to be on a vessale of such a thrill to get up and go to work god bless u
  • Richard Richmond
    • 3. Richard Richmond On 28/07/2009
    Im going to class to get certified to be a diver ive always wanted to travel the world in search of lost ships and treasures
  • morgan
    • 4. morgan On 18/05/2009
    i just got done waching the deep blue and i am interested in more stories like it and my mom then told me about people in florida found these smooth rocks and they called them skipping rocks and one day a guy went out with a medal detecter and it turns out that i was little gold coins can you tell me more about this?
  • Barry Stout Sr.
    • 5. Barry Stout Sr. On 18/02/2009
    If Anyone out there need a Diver Just Drop me a line at my email-
  • Paul
    • 6. Paul On 05/10/2008
    I would like to know more about this, I live in Oregon. :)

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