The story of the three-masted galliot St Mikael and her treasure

Treasures in the Finnish sea

In the autumn of 1747, the three-masted galliot St Mikael was sailing from Amsterdam to St Petersburg under the command of Captain Carl P. Amiel, when the voyage of the ship came to a sudden stop in the waters off the south western coast of Finland.

There are no records of the accident, and the wreck of the St Mikael was found by chance more than 200 years later.

The wreck of the St Mikael has been associated with much mysticism and the temptation of a forbidden fruit among diving enthusiasts.

The reputedly beautiful wreck, considered to be a treasure ship, is known to lie in its deep grave well beyond the reach of an ordinary diver.

Even the site of the shipwreck has obtained a mythical association.

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