Some people fighting treasure hunters all over the World.

"You can say Expert Treasure-Hunter instead of Burglar if you like. Some of them do. It's all the same to us." J.R.R. Tolkein

by Filipe Castro

1. Treasure hunting has nothing to do with archaeology.
2. More often than not, the "treasure" is in the investor's pockets.
3. Treasure hunters destroy the World's cultural heritage forever.
4. Hiring archaeologists is just a marketing strategy.

The eternal debate between some archaeologists with radical opinions on underwater salvage and the necessity of financing such projects with hard cash coming most of the time from private investors and not philanthropic dreamers...

Why not compromise ? It is surely possible to make proper underwater archaeological excavations, publish the results, make documentaries, show it to the public and sell part of the findings...

@ Quest Against Treasure Hunting
@ The "Looting Question" Bibliography


  • Angela
    • 1. Angela On 12/07/2010
    If it wasn't for treasure hunters, then many "Archaelogists wouldn't even FIND what treasure hunters find. Not to mention some treasure hunters do let others know when they find something unusual. They get expert advice. Treasure hunters don't DESTROY the heritage, they find it and let the world know. Think before you speak people.
  • Mike
    • 2. Mike On 05/11/2008
    Treasure hunting destroys wreck sites or the ocean itself at first ???

    I strongly believe that a wreck site gets destroyed soon or later by the elements and the power of the undersea currents.

    So please ! Give us a break with all this stupid arguments: archaeologists vs commercial salvage. Why don't we join together for a win-win story...?!
  • Bluebeard
    • 3. Bluebeard On 16/10/2008
    Hmmmm now let me see mmmm nope I think its great! Treasure hunting finding and banking it is brilliant! Found a few myself, try it old chap and stop being so jealous!
  • Bernard Karlo Buduan
    • 4. Bernard Karlo Buduan On 23/09/2008
    I'm a third year college student from the Philippines. I'm currently taking an archaeology subject. From what I have learned, treasure hunting is an act that hinders archaeologist to gather enough data regarding the past. As such, I myself despise the act. This site is great I hope that more people can see this site.

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