Divers use sonar to search Lake Minnewanka

Parks Canada divers are spending the next week at an archaeological site underwater in Lake Minnewanka

From CTV Calgary


Parks Canada divers are spending the next week at an archaeological site underwater in Lake Minnewanka.

On Friday, the team was taking core samples of an ancient site that dates back 13,000 years.

The site has been underwater for at least 70 years and the divers are looking to see how eroded and what condition it's in.

After core samples have been taken the divers will actually dig down to reveal some of the artifacts like stone tools and arrow heads.

"At this time of year it's very good," says diver Marc-Andre Bernier. "When we're disturbing the bottom, it's not stirring up as much as we thought."

One of the biggest challenges for divers is not trying to over exert themselves.

"The challenge is exertion, we're working quite hard and the water is cold."

This same dive team will be featured on Saturday night's W5 program where their work in the Arctic is documented.

The crew located the HMS Investigator that sunk after it set out in the 1850's searching for signs of the Franklin expedition.


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