Video: Shipwreck sighted off Chatham

By Eric Williams and Jason Kolnos - Cape Cod Times

King Neptune has served up a shipwreck off North Beach Island, according to Theodore Keon, Chatham's coastal resources director.

Keon is working with local and state officials to gather information about the wreck, which is located just offshore, not far from a small shed the town has been using for storage.

"It's only in 8 or 10 feet of water at low tide," Keon said.

North Beach Island, once connected to the southern end of Nauset Beach, is located east of the Chatham Fish Pier.

Town officials became aware of the wreck after viewing an aerial photograph of the area taken on Nov. 29. Based on the size of the nearby shed, Keon estimated the size of the vessel to be about 50-feet long.

After zooming in on the photo, officials noticed the "relatively intact" ship and hull, which appear to be wooden. "It looked like a two-masted sloop," Keon said.

Keon said erosion along the island likely exposed the wreckage. "The vessel would have been under the beach a couple years ago." Keon said. Keon said the town's harbormaster recently took a boat out to try and see the wreck but sun glare on the water prevented a viewing.


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