Project to hunt for ancient shipwreck

By Nicole Asher - Busselton Mail

A local archeological project is giving you a chance to become part of history.

The project, called Search for the Deadwater Wreck is aiming to locate the remains of what could be a 17th century Dutch wreck.

The legend of the wreck dates back to the 19th century when credible sources, including the famous explorers Frank and Augustus Gregory and the receiver of wrecks Worsley Clifton noted the location of a wreck in the Deadwater, a section of the Vasse-Wonnerup estuaries.

Locals removed material from the wreck during the 1860s and in 1902 when salvage rights were granted.

The remains of the Deadwater wreck are estimated to be up to 30 metres long and are now likely to be buried in silt.

A public information session about the wreck and the upcoming archeological project which will try to detect the remains will be held at the St Mary’s Family Centre this Saturday from 7-9pm.

Search for the Deadwater Wreck project leader Rupert Gerritsen will be at the information night. “I strongly urge anyone interested in the wreck, with information to offer, with view on the wreck, to come to the public meeting.

“They may in fact make history,” he said.



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