Crash revives talk of Taiwanese Bermuda Triangle

From the New Zealand Herald

The two-seat Taiwanese fighter jet disappeared last week during a routine training mission over the Taiwan Strait.

Debris and body parts were found the next day, but authorities are at a loss to explain what happened.

The Oct. 20 crash revived decades-old speculation: Are Taiwan's Penghu islands the Bermuda Triangle of Asia?

"The Bermuda terror," boomed a headline in the United Evening News, a Taiwanese newspaper. "Three hundred dead or missing in 40 years over here."

Cable news stations aired grisly images of earlier plane crashes in the area, sparking debate in internet chat rooms.

The reports prompted Penghu officials to issue a statement disputing the Bermuda Triangle comparison, which they fear might scare away investors in a casino resort and other projects.

Most experts dismiss the idea and speculation that an irregular magnetic field disrupts navigation instruments. Scientists have found nothing abnormal in the area, says geologist Chen Wen-shan at National Taiwan University.


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