• My secret museum !

    Thimbles from the General Abbatuccci 

    Treasure of the Pollux

    By Julie Weiss - Boston, Massachusetts

    To end the day, with excitement, intrigue and beauty, please check out Pascal's real life of underwater treasure discoveries.

    It is my secret museum, and history book that I sneak in to every night and think for hours upon hours about everything from what was being sewn with all the brass thimbles. Was it, Flags, Clothing, Sails ? 

    Who did the jewel's belong to ?

    Where they to be worn or being set to be sold ? What food and drink was placed on the beautiful gold leaf plates ?

    Followed  by a zillion other questions having to do with everything from politics, piracy, lift bags, equipment, cataloging, research, and archeology, and on, and on, and on...

    It is no joke that this keeps me up until the light of dawn.

    It's the secret place my mind and imagination visit so often, and the beauty of all the treasures Pascal and his team have been able to discover. To begin to think of finding a wreck with sunken treasure and every detail that happens all the way until it is placed in a museum or sold at auction is fascinating to me. 

    Very different than the items many of my friends have brought up from all  the wrecks lying in the North East. For me, it has nothing to do with diving. The Ocean holds so very many secrets and mysteries. To have the talent, skill and knowledge to actually and tangibly uncover these secretes, completely blows my mind. 

    It is not just about the "treasures" found. For me, the fascination is about, when all is collected, researched and a theory has been either proved to be true or false is the biggest hook. The story that is told, when all the pieces of the puzzle are put together, is the book I want to read.

    How does one find a needle in a haystack, which so many others know is out there somewhere and have been searching for as well ?  I better stop, as my mind is already starting to wander off... Maybe some night, I will see you in this museum. which seems like it comes out of my own fantasy or creativity, but is in fact all very real.
    Blessings Pascal ! For me, the real treasure is the history and stories of these ships and all those who lost their lives at sea. For me these “treasures” are about their artistic beauty and historical significance. Everything from the rare coins and jewelry and the handmade artistic art, as well as the old bottles left half full and stories that were shared while passing it, forever untold... 

    It is man and trade that puts a value on things that I believe to be priceless. Even something as simple as a brass thimble.