Old port wine underwater

Over 100-year-old Port Wine and Madeira Wine is found on shipwreck Astrid. As Ocean X Team's treasure hunters were making their second expedition to a mysterious object, they took a turn to a shipwreck they spotted on their screens, not far away from the Baltic Sea Circle.

There, the team discovered an untouched wreck with a figurehead.

[Dennis Åsberg, Ocean X Team]:
"We sent down divers to swim inside the cargo hold and they found this ... there were many of these bottles. We brought back a lot of them. We brought up about 21 bottles on board—11 were intact and 7 were drinkable."

The ship Astrid is believed to have been sunk by the Germans around 1916 to 1917.

It was a luxury ship from Stockholm on its way to Finland, loaded with Port wine, Madeira Wine and matches, among other things.

The bottles were likely bottled in Stockholm and may have been proceeding to St. Petersburg.

[Dennis Åsberg, Ocean X Team]:
"I tasted some and the taste stayed in my mouth the whole day in fact. Fantastic! I've never drank anything like it. It's good."

According to Åsberg, finding buyers would be no problem as many collectors would be interested in such rare, excellent quality wine with a 100-year history.

He says the discovered wine will reach a high price—Champagne can auction for over $29,000 US dollars per bottle.

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