Hurricane Igor Deadly Giant Waves

On September 17, 2010 Hurricane IGOR passed 250 miles north of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico as it was heading to Bermuda. This monster hurricane sent waves that were estimated to measure up to 25 feet toward the northern coast of Puerto Rico. One of these giant waves swept away and disappeared one person who went to see the fury of the sea. A tsunami buoy measured waves up to 36 feet near the eye of the hurricane. These clips was taken from Escambron Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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Things I learned from this experience:
- You must weigh down your tripod. Take a bag, fill it with rocks and make your tripod really heavy.
- Ocean salt water spray is terrible. Even if you have a weatherproof Canon 7D or 5D, put your camera inside a heavy clear plastic bag and with electrical tape make your camera fully waterproof. Open holes for the lens and eyepiece. Forget about the LCD flip screen.
- Use a filter. Do not let ocean spray get into your camera lens.
- Try to shoot when the sun is high to minimize sunlight reflections with the ocean spray. Try not to shoot against the Sun or in the direction were the sun is. Ocean spray will cause very misty video.
- Never put the camera in auto. The ocean spray will make the auto-focus, white balance, and other parameters go crazy. If your camera is full auto, never zoom.
- Make your camera as compact as possible to reduce the surface area exposed to wind.
- Do not put an external mic on the camera. This will only increase the camera vibration do to wind pounding the mic.
- Make a wind barrier to record the sound of the sea. Dead cats (furry microphone covers) are no good in these extreme situations.
- Shoot in high tide. The sea will look more menacing and there will be more coastal flooding.
- If you are going to use the camera at full zoom, place it somewhere where it is protected from the wind. Otherwise your going to have a shaky video.
- If you do not have a heavy tripod, place your camera on a rock or cement structure and use bags full of rice to anchor down your camera.
- Stay away from people and children. They will always come and stick their face in front of the camera, ruining your shot.
- Take along a lot of micro-fiber cleaning cloths. You will constantly will be cleaning the filter's glass.

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