Ady Gil - Sea Shepherd Vessel Sunk By Japanese Whale Poachers

On January 6th 2010 the Japanese illegal whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2 deliberately rammed the Sea Shepherd vessel the Ady Gil, resulting in the bow of the Ady Gil being torn off. Initial reports were that the Ady Gil had sunk but a later communication claimed the vessel was being towed back to port. Updates will follow as the situation becomes more clear.
The crew of 6 have thankfully been rescued. One crew member sustained broken ribs in the collision.
The Japanese are once again down in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, operating in Australian waters, illegally killing endangered whales.
UPDATE 8th January 2009
The Ady Gil finally succumbed to the waves and is now reported to have sunk. All oil and fuel products had previously been removed so as to protect the marine environment.