Underwater Metal detectors - By Michael Bernzweig

What is the best way to select under water metal detectors for locating sunken treasures ?

Whether you are a recreational diver or a professional wreck diver, locating a treasure beneath the ocean is exciting. With the proper underwater metal detector in hand, discovering these treasures can become a reality.

In this article, Michael Bernzweig of MetalDetector.com shares with Ocean Treasures enthusiasts some interesting ways to enjoy under water Metal Detecting.

Metal detectors are used by treasure hunters in a variety of underwater locations. From wading in the shallow waters to diving for sunken treasures, selecting the proper equipment will help you make the most of your time.

What is the top underwater metal detector ?

To get started, decide where you plan to use your detector. You might ask, how do I decide where I will use my metal detector ?

Begin by taking a look at the other types of underwater activities you enjoy. The most accepted places for using an under water detector are along the beach, snorkeling and diving.

If you are diver and you have seen your share of fish and lobsters, you might find treasure hunting is a welcome change of pace. Many folks find that the research and anticipation of locating a wreck can be half the fun.

What are the most important technologies and categories of underwater metal detectors ?

The main technologies used in under water metal detectors include broad band spectrum, pulse induction and very low frequency circuit designs. Popular underwater metal detector styles include boat towed and hand held metal detectors.

When wreck diving underwater cable tracking detectors, sonar systems and pingers are common devices used in marine recoveries. Also common are remote operated vehicles, underwater light systems, underwater cameras and video systems.

Prices for professional under water metal detectors begin at less than $700. The Garrett AT Pro from Garrett Metal Detectors is great model to get started with. More advanced models like the Fisher CZ-21 from Fisher Metal Detectors can run over $1,000.

Boat towed metal detectors and models for underwater wreck diving can run anywhere from $3500 and up. Wherever your underwater activities take you, enjoy your time in the water and be safe.

An avid treasure hunter is shown diving with the Garrett Infinium Metal Detector.

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