Diving into concerts in New York

I love the ocean, scuba-diving and boating above all, that is my life. But when I put my feet on the ground I do appreciate travelling around the world and I must say that going to New York is one of my favorite destination.

There are so many things to do in this city that it's a never ending story of joy and entertaining moments I just love to share with my friends and family... when I have some money and spare time too !

There are so many places for entertainment that you will never have the chance to check them all for sure.

Amongst the NYC attractions, bars, restaurants, clubs, and also museums, art and exhibition centers or theaters; I really do enjoy the most concerts and music events.

These concerts are for every one's choice and you can even find nyc free concerts, if you already spent too much of your money or want to save it for something else !
The latest one was Dieter Meier, the renowned Swiss electro-pop artist of the 1980’s era. Meier is one of the most famous Jazz musicians in Swiss he was presented by the Consulate General of Switzerland in New York, the City of Zurich. He is now about to launch his first album named “Out of Chaos”. His show, the "Zürich Meets New York" was the occasion to see the impact of the Swiss musical buzz on the Americans. It was great...

For the ones with a little money to spend, your choice is large.

Maybe you would like to check a concert by Rebelmatic, a hard-core punk group ? If their genre of music is what you dig, then visiting this concert should be high on your list of priorities. Rebelmatic is into hardcore noise and it is very clear from the name of the band itself. They are amazing. Imagine The Doors making a hardcore album...

But you might prefer another sond of music such as the one by the Princess of Danish music. There is a young Scandinavian star rising on the horizon and her stage name is . For twenty-three year old Danish lyricist and songwriter Karen Marie Ørsted, who goes by the stage name MØ, has wrapped up her highly anticipated debut album with Ronni Vindahl. Expect a lush, warm and soulful production along with a cold Scandinavian mix of indie, pop, hip-hop, and soul. She is the new girl on the block and has been compared to electro-pop artists such as Grimes and Twin Shadow.

Or why not going to a concert by Daniel Pujol ? He has captured the current status of the youth and begs you, the listener, to decide for yourself as to how to answer this very simple question "What is love?" For way back in 2009, Daniel rose from the ashes of Meemaw to carry on the Nashvillian ideals of DIY and self-construction through deftly crafted songs which were rooted firmly in meaningful lyrical content. Having released a plethora of singles over the past two years Daniel's doctrine of everyday hard work has taken him to a place that most contemporaries fail to reach.

In fact, from US$ 10 to 15 for the concerts above and more for others, concerts nyc are definitely affordable and attractive enough to satisfy your music appetite.

Scuba diving can wait ! Just for a while...