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Gordon Hunsucker Scam Artist, Claims to be a Treasure Hunter

from Rip Off Report - Anonymous writer

Gordon Hunsucker is a world class con man and scam artist. Here is his scam.

He will tell you that he has a treasure hunting company and that he owns or is about to buy an old school cruise ship.

With this cruise ship he will travel the world exploring shipwrecks. He sells percentages of his company for $100,000 but you only pay $5,000 and the rest will be paid when there is revenue from the company.

Here's the deal, he already did this with at least 3 companies and he sold more than 100% of the stock. He will then let the company be Revoked by the Secretary Of State in Nevada and you are left with nothing.

This means that you own nothing. He will become your friend and will borrow money and will promise to pay back within days. That money is gone, you won't get it back.

You will hear fantastic stories about gold buried in Germany, stolen from the Philippine people and how the Marcos family offered Gordon a percentage of the recovered money if he would get it out of Germany for them.

You will hear about US Bonds found on the coast of Japan after WWII.

He will tell you that he is the only American to ever get rescue permits in South America, that he has a friend in Alaska who is sitting on millions of dollars in ivory and wants Gordon to get it and sell it.

You will hear about Mayan artifacts in El Salvador and Guatemala and that all the legal aspects are "taken care of".

Nothing is taken care of with Gordon Hunsucker. He lied to all his investors. One of the lies was that he was living in London, UK for a year transporting gold across borders from Germany to who knows where.

During this time he was living in Las Vegas, NV spending his investors' money.

These poor people were staying up until 2:00 AM just to text him in London time and get an update on the project. Gordon Hunsucker was in Las Vegas, the same city as his investors! This is just a small part of the list of lies. I could spend hours writing about it.

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