The road to wreck and ruin

South west Victoria coast

By Noel Murphy - Geelong Advertiser

" ... In mid September 1877, a vessel of between 60-90 feet in length was seen floating bottom up just offshore and to the west of Louttit Bay.  

"The vessel was observed from some distance from boats that went out from Lorne but no close inspection was able to be made.

"In the following week panelling, doors, spars and broken timbers were washed ashore along the coast from Aireys Inlet in the east to the Cumberland River in the west.

"No positive identification of the vessel was made before it disappeared."

Mystery shipwrecks pepper the Great Ocean Road and Victoria's long, rugged, west coast.

This example, reported in Melbourne's The Argus and the Sydney Morning Herald of the day, offers as few answers as other vessels scattered among reefs and shoreline from Lorne to Port Fairy and beyond.

Whalers, caravels, cutters, brigs, unknown traders ... little is known of the ships or the Spanish walnut timbers, brass binnacles, wax casks, copper fastenings or other clues they've given up.


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