Historic shipwreck in Lake George added to National Register

Excursion boat

By Lee Coleman


It took two decades to get the underwater wreck of one of the first gas-powered excursion boats on Lake George listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Joseph Zarzynski of Wilton said the wreck of the Forward, the 45-foot-long boat built in 1906 and propelled by two 30-horsepower engines, was discovered back in the 1970s by amateur scuba divers.

Bateaux Below Inc., a group of six underwater archaeologists and enthusiasts, started looking for the wreck and located it again in the 1980s near Diamond Island about four miles north of Lake George village.

Since 1993, the Forward has been a site in a state-administered underwater diving park developed by Bateaux Below Inc. which allows scuba divers to study the wreck in 40 feet of water.

The U.S. Department of the Interior announced this month that the Forward, a boat first owned by multimillionaire W.K. Bixby of Bolton Landing and St. Louis, Mo., has been included on the National Register.


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