Tom Howell

  • Recovered WW II B-25 bomber, bombs cause stir in Watson Lake

    Bomber wreckage

    From CBC News

    Second World War artifacts, including a pile of vintage 500-pound bombs and the nose section of an American B-25 bomber, have surfaced in Watson Lake, causing a small turf war between the Yukon government and the Alberta couple that salvaged the plane wreckage.

    The couple recovered a section of the bomber, which was part of an Allied training fleet during the Second World War, from a nearby lake last week.

    While details are sorted out between the government and the couple, the recovered material isn't going anywhere.

    "What we have right now is a section of the aircraft, the nose section, on a trailer, out at the lake," Watson Lake RCMP Cpl. Tom Howell told CBC News on Wednesday.

    "What we're dealing with here is an aircraft that's been known to be there for a while, but people who have salvaged it were doing it basically as a … working holiday, just trying to raise this wreck and perhaps restore it."

    The B-25 bomber is believed to have skidded off an airport runway in 1944, ending up in the water.