River Thames

  • Tudor Gresham Ship wreck moves to National Diving Centre

    Gresham ship

    From BBC News

    The wreck of an Elizabethan merchant ship is being transported to a new home in Leicestershire after being raised from a Portsmouth lake.

    The so-called Gresham Ship has been 6m (20ft) underwater at Horsea Island Lake since being moved there after its discovery in the River Thames in 2003.

    A large crane was used to lift the 400-year-old wreck for the journey to the Stoney Cove National Diving Centre.

    Project director Mark Beattie-Edwards said the ship was "in good order".

    Its destination is the National Diving Centre - a flooded quarry at Stoney Cove - where it will be used as an "underwater classroom" to train nautical archaeologists.

    The convoy is due to leave Portsmouth at 05:30 BST and make its way along the M27, M3, M25 and M1.

    It is due to arrive in Leicestershire around lunchtime.

    On Monday and Tuesday, a team of eight divers working for the Nautical Archaeology Society raised iron bars, the ship's anchor and 400-year-old pieces of timber, the largest of which is more than 8m (26ft) long and weighs 8 tonnes.