Maine coast

  • Sunken WWII sub located off Maine coast

    Maine coast

    From 7 News


    After three years, a man who works at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has found a submarine sunk off the Maine coast by the Navy during World War II for training purposes.

    Joe Cushing - who lives in Strafford, N.H., - won't disclose the sub's exact location, but says it's about 12 miles at sea from Portland, Maine. 

    "It was a good find," he said. "We are excited to have finally located the thing.

    After you look for something for three years and you made a bunch of dives and you finally locate it, that's a great moment."

    Cushing says the sub - called "S-21" - was used by the Navy to train pilots and destroyer crews to detect enemy submarines.

    He started his search in federal archives, and later learned that a salvager had found the sub in the 1960s but quit after one of his divers got killed.